Mechanical Design

Our engineering teams offers modern Designs for Manufacturing (DFM) as well as intuitive Designs for Assembly (DFA), to provide you and your business with the best solution for your specific manufacturing needs. Through careful analysis an ergonomic and user-friendly concept will be engineering to guarantee ease of use of the final product. The customized solutions provided are built around flexibility, cost-effectiveness and quality to maintain a high product throughput while minimizing cost. Throughout the planning and engineering stage the existing workflow is translated to an automated process that includes part inspection, assembly and packaging. From the beginning of the project through the installation phase, all applicable Industrial standards are observed and validated. Our skilled engineers draft and design all mechanical components, assemblies and layouts in house. Detailed part analysis, renderings and animations  are utilized to best possibly project durability and analyze the workflow/process.



Electrical Engineering

Excellent electrical engineering solutions can quickly take your ideas from concepts to prototypes to final product. Our expertise is based on a variety of experience in electrical design, drafting, plant installation, equipment safeguarding, as well as commissioning & debug. Our engineering group offers a professional approach to design and documentation ranging from the preparation of specifications, power and control schematic diagrams, instrument selection and loop drawings, installation schedules, plant functional descriptions, hazardous area dossiers through to complete turn key project packages. It also offers PLC and SCADA programming from system design to commissioning as well as modifications to existing systems.



Process analysis and optimization

After assessing an existing manual manufacturing process, we can assist in taking your business to the next level of manufacturing through automating and optimizing such processes, which will increase the Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE). Process optimization also includes lowering cost, minimizing scrap and reducing rework. If profit margins are narrow, reducing manufacturing costs can often be the difference between profit and loss. By using an automated routine to sort Pass/Fail parts, the chances of sending a non-spec component to a customer are virtually eliminated and reduce the immediate need for secondary operations. Updating existing automated systems with newer hardware or software changes, can also result in a better performing machine, increasing your product throughput.



Reverse Engineering

Our engineering services include designing completely new systems, as well as duplicating existing small-scale manufacturing systems by analyzing and replication. Reverse engineering includes panel layout and electrical schematics, mechanical components, circuit board design and software duplication of existing systems. This includes as-is analysis, legacy part repair and re-manufacturing, equipment placement and installation. Reverse engineering services are a major tool set in bringing changes to shape and design and functionality of existing components / systems.



Process Automation & Trouble shooting

You might simply want to upgrade an existing machine, which has been in service for many years and which is not serviced or supported by the OEM any longer. Exploit Automation LLC can assist with trouble shooting, upgrading, expanding and retro-fitting such equipment to match today’s standards. A key aspect in manufacturing is preventive maintenance, to avoid problems in the future and to maintaining a reliable manufacturing process. This is also another Service we can assist your staff with.


Remote Service and Support Solutions

Exploit Automation LLC offers a hardware based implementation in all of its’ systems for remote access and service. We also offer the same hardware for add-ons in existing systems where compatible. Quick response service and assistance when you need it most is priceless, as production downtime is costly and in some cases, it can cost thousands of dollars if you can’t get help immediately.