Vision Inspection

Within the last few years vision technology has increasingly become more and more important in robot applications, which helps to deploy Robots into new areas of application.  Within the last ten years vision technology has taken major development steps, while overall reliability and performance have significantly increased and prices dropped. Vision system equipped / supported Robots can perform “self-determined” operations in ways that dramatically improve their performance. For example, locating parts and picking parts, differentiate between assembled and not assembled parts, find the location to apply a weld and weld beam guidance, part placement, etc…

Example Robot Vision applications

Part Location

Part Identification

Part Sortation

Flexible Feeding


Error Proofing



Visual Part Inspection

Vision systems are being increasingly implemented to take on various tasks inside of automation systems, such as part inspection, part tracking, interference checking, robot guiding, as well as vision assisted part picking. Different configurations are available including robot mounted and fixed position cameras. Due to our extended experience with vision systems we are capable of integrating and supporting a vast variety of brand of vision systems and vision sensors. See a list of brands / manufactures that we work with.


Vision Types & Lighting

Exploit Automation LLC works closely with leading experts in the field of machine vision and offers vision system prototyping as well as test set-ups, to ensure functionality fitted to your requirements. A lot of applications need individual assessment and proof of concept if whether a 2D System is adequate enough, or if a 3D vision system is needed. Also an essential part of project planning is the environmental analysis where vision systems are integrated, to ensure minimal impact by external light sources on the vision process, as well as finding the best type of light and lighting source for your application.


Vision Systems we work with

• Fanuc iR Vision

• Cognex

• Keyence

• Teledyne Dalsa


• Sensopart

• Sick Vision Systems

• Vitronic

• Octrum

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