Remote Service

Exploit Automation LLC offers a hardware based implementation in all of its’ systems for remote access and service. The same hardware is available for add-ons in already existing systems where compatible. Exploit Automation LLC has introduced a solution to enable your business to quickly recover from downtime on your factory floor.

Automation system downtime decreases productivity and profits take a hit. Getting a service engineer on-site to your premise is both timely and costly. Quick response service and assistance when you need it most is priceless. The new Secure Remote Unit System or SRSU device allows our engineers and technicians to remotely service your equipment in real-time from anywhere in the world. 
The SRSU establishes a secure, fully encrypted VPN connection to our servers using the T-Mobile™ network and from there, only our authorized personnel can make system updates to PLCs, HMIs, vision units, robots and other peripherals.

Using an optional USB camera, we can remotely view the various mechanical motions involved in an automation system or production line, which gives a better visual understanding when troubleshooting remotely. The unit itself is a small compact DIN-rail mount component, powered by 24V DC.

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