Robotics Integration


CPR – Cross Platform Robotics

With our Cross Platform Robotics expertise we are able to integrate, program, maintain and trouble-shoot Robots of various manufactures, kinematics used in multiple different Fields of Application. Driven by customer preference, there are virtually no limits to which Robot is being used to accomplish your day-to-day Automation needs. Wether you have an existing Robot or are looking for a new add-on, Exploit Automation is capable of exceeding your requirements. See the list of supported Robot Manufactures we are capable working with.

Custom End Of Arm Tooling

All requirements of the project are met with ingenious engineering from the most basic of part like machine bases, cell guarding all the way to the End of Arm Tooling. As the Robots most essential component for successfully interacting with the work cells equipment the EOAT needs to fulfill various requirements while maintaining a lightweight but rigid profile. In some applications it might become necessary for the Robot to exchange EOATs, in order to handle all of the required operations.

Auxiliary Axes and Robot Tracks

For large scale work cells and for effective expansion of theRobots work envelope, Auxiliary axes, also known as Robot tracks, are seamlessly integrated into the cells layout. Auxiliary axes are commonly used as seventh axis paired with the Robots Controller, autarkic add-on axis, or as non driven manual positioning unit. Exploit Automation partners with global market leaders in auxiliary units offering flexible, customizable units, fitted to meet all requirements, while maintaining expandability.


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