Lab View Programming

Using the powerful LabView programming environment from National Instruments is yet another way to develop automated control, data acquisition, and test systems. LabVIEW solutions can run on many different hardware environments and operating systems, PCs, embedded NI Real-Time controllers and NI FPGA platforms. Our standard program libraries integrate seamlessly with LabVIEW’s large set of drivers for test and measurement hardware devices. Experience in using National Instruments’ full suite of hardware and many third-party devices allows for data acquisition with analog and digital inputs and utilizing function generators and oscilloscopes for advanced tasks in laboratory environments. LabVIEW is a known graphical programming language where functions and sub-routines are represented as functional blocks and Virtual Instruments (VIs). We generate LabVIEW VIs from a well versed code library and also expand and upgrade existing programs and VIs.


Exploit Automations LabVIEW Development Service

Depending on the task at hand, we design turnkey LabVIEW applications and VIs, while working side-by-side with your process experts, to overcome engineering challenges. In order to integrate off the shelf hardware or custom products into LabVIEW, Exploit Automation LLC will develop custom drivers and APIs. Our engineers started working with LabVIEW back in 2007, for applications including product development, test and measurement engineering, research and development, and high-tech manufacturing. Experienced LabVIEW engineers have developed a standard code library which is designed to be modular, reusable, expandable, maintainable and has been proven to be robust. Proven modular LabVIEW programs reduce development time and get your application up and running faster.


These are the services our LabVIEW engineers offer:

LabVIEW application development

GUI – Graphical User interface design (SCADA)

Control design (PID, Fuzzy Logic)

Database and data management (files, TDMS, database)

Data acquisition, sampling, display and reporting

Application deployment

Hardware integration