HMI programming

Nothing is more important than a user friendly and intuitive operator interface, to quickly make changes to existing processes, get status and process information and for troubleshooting issues. Exploit Automations HMI user management system allows setup for multiple access levels with different privileges and options. Implemented alarm management systems give detailed insight about occurrence of warnings and errors and are capable of sending notifications via email, sms and push notification while maintaining a local and/or remote logfile for later review. Fully customizable alarm and warning response configuration, to minimize operator / supervisor response times during fault states. Different Operation Modes offer valuable functionality like detailed I/O status, process counter and timer as well as manual motions for implemented actuators and can be access only by authorized user groups. Intuitive settings allow for specialized customization of the equipment to match your needs exactly.

Shift based production counter with part to part timer for analysis of machine cycle timing, operator efficiency and overall product throughput. Customizable batch counter with part timer averaging allows for precise prediction of when a currently running batch will reach completion. Recipe based production settings allow for quick changeovers, if the equipment is used for more than one product type. Remote access to the HMI allows for supervisors to quickly check in real time multiple systems on the shop floor within a short period of time, without having to leave the office.

We work with the following name brands of HMI manufactures:

Allen Bradley
WeinTek (Maple Systems)
Automation Direct

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