PLC Programming

Today’s market offers a variety of programmable logic controller platforms and many different protocols. Exploit Automation LLC has expertise in programming of over a dozen different controllers from various brands, while utilizing most of available industry standard protocols to network equipment and components alike. Well documented and structured programming allows flexibility and extendibility at any given time. That includes warning and error message handling, user administration and manual functions, product recipe management, as well as robot recovery functionality. Our experienced programmers strictly follow internal as well as external programming standards to maintain readability and modular functionality. Our highly versatile code libraries and standards functions allow for quick program development, significantly reducing turnaround times. Proven and debugged standards for PLC and HMI programming ensure the effective automation of your process, while seamlessly integrating and interfacing with new, as well as existing systems and their programming.


Safety PLC Programming

In addition to standard PLC programming, we also offer solutions for safety-rated implementations, both machine or process safety and personal safety in accordance with applicable standards and regulations. This includes the design, layout and programming of various safety zones, standstill monitoring, DCS, collision avoidance, Cartesian and axis-cams as well as safe-speed zoning.
Exploit Automation LLC has extended expertise in offering human and machine safety concepts following all applicable regulations and standards. To maximize operator safety, while maintaining ergonomic design, we utilize light curtains, floor scanner, two-hand stations, floor mats, emergency stops and safety guarding.



Below is a list of PLC manufacturers we are experienced with and can offer support and assistance in expansions and modifications of existing projects.


Allen Bradley




GE Fanuc


Automation Direct




Phoenix Contact







Velocio (Ace / Branch)

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