Electrical Schematics and Panel Layout

With a systematical approach and combination of skills, our electrical design service delivers the best possible electrical schematics and panel layouts to our clients in a reliable and efficient way. Our fully equipped and experienced electrical engineers offer complete electrical panel engineering & design, to fulfil all your needs and requirements. We assist with engineering and design of electrical panels in following categories:
Industrial Controls Panels, Motor Panels, Lighting Panels, Electrical Carts.

All electrical panels are built from approved electrical drawings, which specify components, cable types and sizes, terminal numbers, etc. The drawings themselves are made using various software. 

All requirements are carefully analyzed and translated to applicable specifications, to ensure best matching performance of our electrical panels. Through the engineering and design phase we re-evaluate and validate applied standards, to ensure the final product meets all requirements as requested before final installation and commissioning. Our electrical design and engineering capabilities range from design and manufacturing of small hard-wired relay panels to intricate PLC controlled drive panels with multiple axes.

Our know-how includes a wide range of control gears, process control equipment, and electrical products which are available in today’s market. The electrical engineering includes:
Task based component selection
Panel sizing and Layout
Electrical Code Requirements
Heat Dissipation & Ventilation Requirements
Electrical Fabrication and Wiring
Complete Documentation & Schematics
On-Site Installation
Circuit protection by means of properly sizing and selecting breakers and fuses
Subpanel load evaluation
Standard load + load overhead
Demand Factors per NEC
Total kVA and Amps

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