Custom Electronics & PCB Design

In addition to industrial design and engineering we are also able to provide customized electronics and embedded systems.  We can design simple circuits to comprehensive systems designed to be integrated in aerospace and defense applications.  Our expertise includes schematic layout, FPGA programming, PCB layout/manufacturing, testing and automated board assembly. This service goes hand in hand with our reverse engineering capabilities which makes use of custom built circuits and specialized circuits and custom software. Embedded systems act as black box devices and have only specified interfaces to the surrounding world to interact with and to provide the functionality needed to operate in larger networks of multiple components. This modular design makes it easy to implement and to interface with custom embedded circuits, as all the testing and troubleshooting has been done by the time they are implemented. Protected programming interfaces leave the option of future firm- / software updates open.

Custom built electronic devices and embedded systems can completely built to your needs and specs, whether they are in individual enclosures, DIN- rail mountable enclosures or without enclosure at all.

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