About Us

Exploit Automation LLC is indepently owned by young professionals with combined experience of over 30 years in the automation industry. Over the years we had the opportunity to work in various industries, with different technologies and processes. 

We are passionate about modern technology and efficiency.


Definition of Exploit:
verb: exploit; 3rd person present: exploits; past tense: exploited; past participle: exploited; gerund or present participle: exploiting
  1. 1.
    make full use of and derive benefit from (a resource).
    "500 companies sprang up to exploit this new technology"
    synonyms:utilize, harness, use, make use of, turn/put to good use, make the most of, capitalize on, benefit from;
    informalcash in on
    "we should exploit this new technology"
    • use (a situation or person) in an unfair or selfish way.
      "the company was exploiting a legal loophole"
    • benefit unfairly from the work of (someone), typically by overworking or underpaying them.
      "making money does not always mean exploiting others"
      synonyms:take advantage of, abuse, impose on, treat unfairly, misuse, ill-treat; More
      informalwalk (all) over, take for a ride, rip off
      "exploiting the workers"
noun: exploit; plural noun: exploits
  1. 1.
    a bold or daring feat.
    "the most heroic and secretive exploits of the war"
    synonyms:feat, deed, act, adventure, stunt, escapade; More
    achievement, accomplishment, attainment;
    informallark, caper
    "his exploits brought him notoriety"
  2. 2.
    a software tool designed to take advantage of a flaw in a computer system, typically for malicious purposes such as installing malware.
    "if someone you don't know tweets you a link, it's either spam, an exploit, or probably both"
Middle English: from Old French esploit (noun), based on Latin explicare ‘unfold’ (see explicate). The early notion of ‘success, progress’ gave rise to the sense ‘attempt to capture,’ ‘military expedition,’ hence the current sense of the noun. Current verb senses (mid 19th century) are taken from modern French exploiter .
Use over time for: exploit